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Testing and Drawings


Adhesive Anchors:  

All adhesive anchors must be re-tested, under the supervision of a Professional Engineer at intervals not exceeding five (5) years.  An Engineer's test report is provided detailing results of the test performed.


  • CSAI automatically notifies existing clients when their adhesive anchors are due for re-testing.


  • CSAI also provides this service for new clients.  Please contact us for pricing.


Existing Anchors:
All safety equipment must meet specified strength requirements.  For existing equipment where no engineering information is available, or for questionable equipment based on an inspection service, CSAI provides load testing for re-certification of existing equipment by our Independent Professional Engineer.

An Engineer’s Test Report is provided outlining the results of all testing procedures performed.


Roof Drawings

For new or existing safety systems, an Engineer approved drawing is required.  This drawing must be stamped, signed and dated by a Professional Engineer.  

CSAI's Drawing include: 

  • window and balcony locations 

  • measurements between anchoring points 

  • installation details of the installed equipment 

  • and restricted access notes clearly notarized where applicable. 

In addition to these drawings, CSAI also provides rigging drawings to provide your contractors with clear rigging procedures that are to be employed.  This greatly increases liability protection for both the building owner and the contractor using the safety system.

CSAI's drawings are fully coloured for better clarity and understanding.

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