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CSAI provides a non-roof penitrating, anti-slip walkway allowing the worker to safely traverse the roof from the stairwell to the mechanical room. As well as access various mechanical roof top units safely.  Not only is our Catwalk Engineered, protecting the worker from “Hazard of Fall”, it also keeps them in a fixed lane-way, thus protecting ALL your various roof types against accidental dropping of sharp heavy tools that could easily puncture the waterproofing system. Lastly, we elevate your Catwalk approximately 12” to clear all your gas lines, electrical pans and conduits, ultimately removing all trip hazards from the workers path.  Having a carpenter on staff we can construct wooden walkways, however we also offer the longer lasting galvanized and or aluminum Catwalk walkways for our clients. Over the years we have perfected these walkways for Prominent Hospitals, Universities, Property Management Companies, Building Owners as well as Restoration and Roofing companies. Your safety is assured.


Safety Railings and Ladders

Today, many of the existing safety ladders and railings simply do not meet code, ultimately placing onus onto the building owners and condominium boards. The ladders/railings are either too corroded, held in place with undersized bolts, have come loose from years of neglect and/or simply built to old codes. We at CSAI are well versed with various CSA Standards and construction practices and are fully qualified to meet your needs.


ladder + cage
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