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Safety Inspections


CSAI staff has combined experience of over 45 years in this specialized industry.  Our staff has been properly trained to ensure existing safety systems are in full compliance with current safety codes and regulations.

CSAI provides a wide range of inspection services which include the following:


Initial Inspection Services:
CSAI provides comprehensive site inspections for existing safety roof anchoring systems.  Most older systems do not comply with current code requirements.  Therefore our initial inspection is comprised of a thorough appraisal of the installed system to ensure all areas of the regulations have been met.  CSAI provides a detailed inspection report complete with digital photos outlining the results of our findings.  Any recommendations that may apply will be clearly noted within our report.


Annual Inspections:

All safety equipment for suspended rigging equipment and fall protection must be inspected at least once a year /or in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations.  Our inspection includes a complete review of the installed safety system in reference to the engineered design drawings.  Each tie-off point is carefully examined to ensure all visible components are in good working condition.  A yearly inspection report is then submitted for your logbook.  For existing clients, CSAI automatically notifies the client when their system(s) are due for their annual inspection.


New Construction Inspection Audits:
CSAI has been working with property managers, engineering firms, and architects to inspect newly-installed equipment to ensure all safety requirements have been met.  This inspection audit includes the review of all engineered drawings to ensure "as-built" conditions, a review of the logbook and applicable test reports, and help organize the client's documents to maintain an inspection logbook that must be prepared for the site.  Newly installed systems often require additional consultation and guidance, and at CSAI we provide the client with a complete list of requirements that must be met to ensure full approval of the installed system has been provided.


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