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Comprehensive Roof Anchor designs and free quotes:

As one of the founding Roof Anchor companies, CSAI is ready to help with your new project. If no Roof Anchor Layout drawing is available for the new building we can assist in working towards a solution that best suits the uniqueness of your project. Whether the structure is steel, concrete, pre-cast, or timber we have already designed and pre-engineered an anchor for your roof type thus lowering engineering and manufacturing costs.

We can design for Window Washing, Suspended Stage, Fall-Restraint (Horizontal lifelines), or all three. CSAI will supply you with a competitive quote and/or design to satisfy your project's needs. We will listen, share ideas, and work with Architects, Engineers, Consultants, and Building Owners to finalize a design that is functional, code-compliant, and safe. Unlike most other companies who tend to take the 'shotgun' approach spattering your building with Anchoring points. We will take the time to place Anchors in vital and necessary locations to keep our quantities to what is needed and lower the amount of roof penetrations and costs.

We will make sure that your system is practical and user-friendly, cutting unnecessary and bulky equipment. Far too often during our inspections, we have seen systems where expensive and complicated equipment has been abandoned and goes unused mainly because it is difficult to manipulate and not user-friendly.


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